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Thursday, September 24, 2015


23/9/15 There is only one boat that takes the headline and that is the boat of Mr. Michael Smith and his Son Sean of the UK, while fishing with their Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of I start in their Salmon department, Sean caught a fine 8 lbs. Salmon as his proud Father looked on, but not to be out classed it wasn’t long before Michael himself was in battle with a fine Sea Trout and as his Gillie netted Michael’s fine 6 ½  lbs. Specimen Sea Trout he said that’s one for the record books, well Michael quickly informed Neil that his Sea Trout was going back, Anglers take note. Just for the record Michael and Sean finished their day with a Junior. And for the rest of the angling community there was no comment. Wind West fresh with reasonable cloud cover. Now as promised the names of the anglers that caught 5 Salmon out of Waterville Boats and at Mr. Trevor Dewberry, Mr. Nigel Henshaw, and last but not least Peter Ruffle all from Hampshire in the UK and their catches are as follows, 3 Salmon on the fly and two on the troll, ranging from 4 lbs. to just under the 6 lbs. class.  

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