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Saturday, July 16, 2016


16/7/16 I start in the Specsavers department and yesterdays fine 6 ½ lbs. Specimen Sea Trout caught by Mr. Andrew Wishart, as you can see in yesterdays notes I didn’t put down what lake Andrew was fishing on, all I read on Andrew’s text was on the other Lake and if I had taken the time to continue reading his text which he kindly sent I would have seen, PS with a smiley, Lough Derriana. Now today’s facts and we start and finish in the hired out boat department of  Mr. Owen McBride, caught 2 Juniors on the drift to his boat and last but not least, Northern Ireland anglers, Ronnie and Gary, caught 4 Juniors on the drift in their hired out boat also from  and for the rest of  my Noble Anglers they failed in all departments and the least said about their skills the better, what’s that I hear you say, what about your own skills! point taken, When will I learn to keep my mouth shut! Wind West fresh and overcast with mist rain at times.    

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