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Wednesday, October 12, 2016

12/10/17 News Flash update

Mr. Paul Lawton
As promised here are all the facts of Mr. Paul Lawton and his fishing party and photos on yesterdays catches, the last day of the 2016 season in his own words.

Mr. Ray Burns
Sorry for delay Vincent my phone giving me trouble.
There was 3 us fishing the last day, Donal O Doherty had 1 brown trout 2lbs and 10 juniors to 1.1/2lbs
Ray burns had 7 juniors 1lbs to 3lbs
Myself had 8 juniors 1lb to 6lbs. The majority of the juniors were fresh run fish.
We had great day fishing but sad to see only 2 other boats out.
Finally Vincent I would like to thank you on behalf of the anglers who fish the Great Lake Lough Currane,

for your reports during the year they are great help on weather travel or not. Keep up the good                                                                                      work till next year

12/10/16 On this Last day of the 2016 rising of the wild Game fish of Lough Currane , ie My Nobel Sea Trout, there was only one angler who let his fingers do the talking this day, that was Cork Angler, Mr. Paul Lawton, as he tied a good fly to his cast and striked while the iron was hot and released his catch after his photo has been taken, with his fine catch, he comes out with a wise crack, as he sits back admiring his catch. What can you say for the rest of the anglers, well its simple, not a lot as they looked at Pauls catch. Just for the record there are pictures of Paul’s catch as soon as I have them I will put them up on the Blog. Wind SE. On a personal I would like to thank all the Waterville Fishery Anglers from all over the world for surportnig this site as you all do and I thank you for that. I would also like to thank all the team of the Inland fisheries for their great support to me and the Waterville Fishery this year and last but not least on behalf of all the anglers of Ireland and all the Tourist Anglers, I must say thank you to Mr. Paul Burke who dose all the reports for the Trout and Salmon Magazine. I look forward to reporting all your catches for the 2017 season, so see you on 17/1/17                                  

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