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Friday, February 24, 2017


24/2/17 With all the excitement of the falling or knocking down of the Waterville Lake Hotel, my Noble Anglers are still gobsmacked  of the Rise and fall of the Waterville Lake, going by their performance today if my noble Anglers were on site and performed as they are doing on the Lake they would be sacked!! On yesterdays Notes it brought a lot of interest on the Blog, I received an email from an avid reader of the Fishery Notes with a nice bit of history of the Waterville Lake. So Mr. Mike Power of Dublin has the last word on today’s Notes.  Vincent,
Thank you very much for putting up those photos of the demolition of the Waterville Lake Hotel.
The Southern Lake hotel 
I stayed in the hotel one Easter weekend many years ago.
In fact, I am old enough to remember when the Southern Lake Hotel sat on the same site, managed by the late Ann Meldon RIP. My wife and I are booked to visit Waterville for two weeks in July and I can't wait!!
Mike Power

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