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Thursday, February 8, 2018


8lbs Salmon caught on the Tube. 
8/2/18 Breaking News, Mr. Kevin O’Shea’s Photo just arrived in. Talking to Mr. Kevin O’Shea   this morning he was telling me that he had one hell of a Battle with the First 8lbs Salmon of 2018 and as Kevin said to catch the first Salmon on a Fly/Tube makes it more special. On a personal Note Kevin’s Father Mr. Jack O’Shea was a Fishery officer in Waterville in the fifty’s and sixties and I can tell you Jack was a Great Angler in his own right, now you know where Kevin gets his angling Skills from. On that Note I will say congratulations to Kevin on catching the first Salmon of 2018 and a big thank you to for sending the photos.         
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