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Sunday, April 29, 2018


29/4/18 As April is closing on a cold spell and today was no exception, as you can imagine with the wind  ENE and with bright sunshine all morning it doesn’t make for good fly fishing, but come afternoon it began to cloud over and as you can imagine the Currane fly anglers anticipated a few rod benders but sadly that wasn’t the case, but at least they were out there manipulating their flies and lures. I will finish with quote of the day from a local angler, we flogged our flies all day and all we landed up with is an aching back and now I’m heading for the bar and in the morning I might have a hangover, oh what the hell theres always tomorrow. Wind ENE light and variable with a few showers. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 4.8mm. Maximum air temperature 11.2c.

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