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Friday, October 12, 2018


2018 Currane Salmon of the year !
12/10/18 We go straight to the Bungalow and quote of the day from Local Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea, its sums up today’s action in a nut shell. It’s all over, Gale Callum stopped play early and makes the Currane anglers and their rods and reels redundant on this last day of the 2018 Season. So now we will head for my highlights of the 2018 Season, catch of the season goes to Mr. Michael Roden of Waterville and Dublin, who caught a 17 lbs. Salmon on the troll on the 26/2/18. C&R Sea Trout of the Season goes to Cork and Currane angler, Mr. Jerry O’Sullivan, while trolling on the 10/5/18 caught and released a 9 lbs. Sea Trout. In the River department the World Famous Butler Pool takes all the headlines and in simple words it was electrifying and not forgetting the Inny, there was some great action up there at times and I know a few anglers who were well satisfied and for the rest of the season we all know that the Sun took all the headlines and I don’t mean page 3. As we saw when the dry spell came to an end there was good Sea Trout fishing! Charity Salmon of  the Season goes to Local angler Mr. Mike O’Dwyer who caught the first Salmon of the season  on the 20/2/18  and auctionend his 7 lbs. Salmon and rose 1500 Euro for the Palliative care unit at UKH in memory of  local angler and World Champion Currane Honey producer Mr. John Foley RIP.
2018 Charity Currane Salmon of the year 
Well it’s that time of year again to thank all you good people who read the Waterville Fishery report every day, I would also like to thank all the team at and Mr. Paul Burke of the Trout and Salmon magazine and Mr. Tony Gosnell of the Irish Examiner and on that note I look forward to be reporting to you all in 2019 on No Spin No Flys just Facts zone. So  Happy Christmas to you all and I hope you all have a great 2019 Season in all departments.                                                                       

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