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Tuesday, February 5, 2019


5/2/19 Again the weather takes all the headlines as a strong SW wind  hits Lough Currane and followed with heavy rain, so as you can imagine all the Currane anglers could do was look at the waves hitting the shoreline, come afternoon the wind dropped. One Currane angler did head out and that was the one and only Local Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy and of and Dominic reported that he caught 3 Kelts on the troll and that raps up today’s action, but just one point of order there was a good flood today, so to all you Salmon fly anglers take note and let the battle commence in the premier league of Currane fly Anglers. Today’s weather as already stated. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 0.0 maximum air temperature 10.6 mm   

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