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Sunday, June 7, 2020


7/6/20 We start on the same theme as yesterday in all departments except for the wind was not as strong but the same old direction. So we will go back in time in memories past in the Specimen Sea Trout department, a clean sweep in 1995 all I can say is, I hope when the new Government is formed eventually they will get down to work on protecting the Wild Salmon and Sea Trout out at sea, especially the Salmon that are in lock down, please remember Minister’s it’s the good Irish People’s Salmon and Sea Trout Irish Heritage that is being liquidated. Just for the record what I have wrote is my own personal opinion. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 3.6 mm. Maximum air temperature 11.1 centigrade.   
In Memory of Odie  Lucey RIP .
Great original Landlord of the Lobster Waterville
plus a great Angler in his own right!

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