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Thursday, July 30, 2020


30/7/20 Floods are the main news as the Inny Fishery was put on hold as the Inny bridge was closed for a good while this morning as you can see by the video. Now we head for Copal Lake where a bridge cracked in half as you can see by the photo.  Now we head for the Commeragh River, again you can see there was a big flood coming down into Lough Currane, in fact the flood was so big you could not take your car down to Derriana, amount of rainfall was 54.5 up until midnight last night, on today’s rainfall I will give you the full facts tomorrow, staying with the rain fall again they are forecasting 20 mm to 40 mm of rainfall in the next few hours. Todays fishing, well as you can imagine Lough Currane was on the dirty side and just for the record I have no reports of any rod benders on Lough Currane, where the Inny is concerned, their voices may have been silent but you can sure a few reels were bellowing. 


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