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Tuesday, August 24, 2021


  24/8/21 Great news to report on the Waterville Hatchery because in the last few months there has been some great work done in upgrading of the hatchery, which will give the Salmon Fry more space and will give these Noble Salmon Fry a better chance of survival in warmer conditions, on that note I would like to on  behalf of all the Currane Anglers to congratulate our Chairmen Mr. Michael Roden and his team on the great work their doing in keeping the Waterville Fishery Flag flying. On a personal note, apologise to all the readers of the No Spin No Fly’s Just Facts Zone, due to circumstances beyond my control I couldn't take any photos this evening because I wasn't invited, but with any luck we may have some in tomorrow’s notes. I would like to finish on a photo video of the great fishing of the past and with any luck the future. As you can see, we Currane Anglers are trying to pull our act together, it’s about time the government and Europe wake up to the fact that Salmon and Sea Trout is going downhill fast as it is the same with tourist Game Anglers, so here is a perfect click  of the past.


 Now today’s Fly, Spin, and troll, all quiet on all fronts. Wind East and veered SE light to calm with Bright sunshine all day.          

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