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Monday, January 17, 2022



Photo of Waterville boats Harbour courtesy of Waterville Boats at  

My Quote of the Day No Brown Tags Here at present. 

15/1/2022 Great to be back on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts Zone and sadly we Currane anglers are in another Spring Brown tag season again and to say the Currane Anglers are Browned off would be an understatement and, on that note, we will get down to today’s facts. Well, there were 3 Brown Tag boats out and one Barbless out and staying with the Barbless Angler, and what an angler he is, I’m talking of Mr. Brod O’Sullivan of Stella Maris, Waterville, who’s been fishing Lough Currane for 73 years and its sad to see that He is fishing Brownless and barbless today, all I can say, I would love to know what his Father Mr. Jack O’Sullivan RIP  would say, Jack was a Fishery Officer and I can say Jack was a mighty fishery officer as he was teacher and just for the record Jack has all the Salmon fly and troll records on Lough Currane and Brod with my Father have the record for the Inny and that record was got well over fifty years ago. Now from the past to the present there were no Brown Tags used up this opening day. Wind South light to fresh and very cold.      

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