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Tuesday, April 5, 2022



5/4/2022 There were a good few boats out this day and at least one Brown tag manipulator precured a fine Wild Atlantic Salmon, for the rest of the Currane Anglers it was all quiet. Wind W veered SW fresh followed with strong gusts up to 39 mph, especially in the afternoon. Now we head for the Currane anglers view on Appleby, so it’s all yours SY Bee


There was an old man called Appleby who went to the  Appleby fair - he got out his rod and cast into the Eden -he was in luck and soon the bend on the rod was great -a big 50 lb salmon pulled old man Appleby right in ,the  shock was so great   yet old man Appleby fought for 2 hours all the way to Penrith  - were he sniffed a Chinese  special fried rice , but the monster fish smelt old man Appleby and ate him up in 1 gulp -=and that sadly was the end of a great salmon sea  Trout fisher  and a legend on several loughs of Ireland , after all that  he caught one monster  that Ate him all up -Luckily old man Appleby was just dreaming and awoke with a spare rib in his  mouth and  a flying condom on his pillow and a tub of worms on the floor  =naughty old man Appleby  what  else had he been up to in his dream haaa - was he  really a secret spinner or wormer  ?  and no-one knew how he really caught all those 50090089009000 salmon and sea trout on Lough Currane over the years!!!

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