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Wednesday, October 12, 2022



12/10/2022 There were five boats out manipulating their skills on this the last day of the 2022 Season and by all accounts their lines were slack so on that note we head for some news from the IFI, on behalf of all the angling community and all of Ireland we would like to wish Dr. Paddy Gargan who has now retired from Inland Fisheries Ireland, a very happy retirement and tightlines. Dr. Paddy Gargan as well as being a renowned scientist he’s also a renowned Game angler in his own weight, in 1987, Paddy caught a lovely specimen salmon of 22lb from the Galway Weir on the shrimp fly.  Later that same year he landed a specimen Sea Trout of 8lb 9oz on a wet fly on the famous Connemara Lough Glenicmurrin which is part of the Costello system. All I can say is Dr. Paddy Gargan is that your retirement is a great loss to the Irish fishing community. Happy retirement from all anglers from all over the World especially from the Waterville Fishery.

As I have being saying for the last twenty years it’s that time of year again and yes you have it, first of all I would like to say a big thank you, to you the readers of the Blog and especially Mr. Myles Kelly and all the team in the Inland Fishery Ireland for their great support as always, this season. Also, a big thank you to Mr. Paul Bourke of the Trout and Salmon, who has the hard work of editing my reports every month, all I can say is Paul has the patience of a Saint. So on that note I can’t wait for the 2023 Season, Happy Christmas to you all and stay safe and I’m looking forward to January 17th, 2023, and writing On The No Spin No Fly’s just Facts Zone       






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