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Wednesday, January 18, 2023



17/1/2023 Great to be back reporting on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts zone on this opening day of the 2023 Salmon and Sea Trout season, so let’s get down to today’s facts. For starters there were 9 boats that ventured out on this freezing cold day, as you can see by the photo there were a good few Currane anglers fishing out of Waterville Boats and at and come lunch time they headed in for a well-deserved whisky and finished off with a fine fry and a glass of wine, sadly there were no Salmon caught this opening day. Just for the record there were a few kelts caught. Well, Currane anglers may have had a cold start to the 2023 season but they made up for it in the Lobster Bar this evening when they had the traditional Lobster Bar Bacon and Cabbage and as you see by the photos a good time was had by all, so a big thank you to the Management and their staff for a great opening of the 2023 season.       

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