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Saturday, May 18, 2024


Mr.Pete Ruffle, Hampshire hog angler of the week


18/5/2024. I start tonight’s report in the apology department and for good reason, because I failed miserably in reporting the Hampshire Hogs Fish of the week and I can say without any contradiction that Hampshire Hog and Currane angler of the week was Mr. Pete Ruffle, who caught a fine 11lbs. Salmon with his Gillie and fishing with Waterville Boats and at and fishing out of and as you can see by the photo that Mr. Pete Ruffle was the Hampshire Hog angler of the week and I’m sure the pints were flowing in the Lobster Bar. Now back to the present and today’s action, all I can report is my phone lines were as slack as the Currane anglers reels. So on that note we will head to the Currane anglers view, the stage is yours Barry,

Are there ANY fish actually in the lake? They used to be catches on most days with about 15 boats out at least. How the mighty has fallen after the introduction of that bloody monstrosity up the coast. Officials used to say that there was no scientific proof of a detrimental effect in the siting of a fish farm nearby, in spite of it already ruining the Connemara Sea Trout fishery. Same on the West coast of Scotland. Hope everybody who pocketed a few quid in the process of installation of fish farms is feeling smug and self-satisfied with their part in the debacle they have helped create. They have ruined what was once the finest Sea Trout fishing lake in Ireland.

Wind NNE light, followed by reasonable cloud at times. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 0.0mm, amount of sunshine 0.4, maximum air temperature 15.0.  



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