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Thursday, July 7, 2011


Total catch for our fishing party (8people)
Fishing out of 

1 Seatrout 3.5lbs (Erni Arendt)
2 Seatrout 2.5lbs (Erni Arendt)
1 Grilse 4.5lbs (Jean Quintus)
1 Seatrout 2.5lbs (Jean Quintus)
2 Seatrout 2.2lbs (Jean Quintus)
1 Brown Trout 3lbs (Jean Quintus)
1 Seatrout 2lbs (Gaston Graas)
1 Seatrout 2lbs ( Rene Reiners)
1 Seatrout 2.2lbs (Romain Zambon)

All other fish have been released (Total of 37 Seatrout between 0.5 and 1.5 lbs)

In addition our friend Eugene Quaring caught a Salmon of 8.5lbs on the troll on the Carragh during a one day session of 6 people who went out to catch perches for our evening meal ( A Total of 42 perches where served that evening and we enjoyed it)

During a cayak session on the sea with Kevin Brain of Gaston Graas and Romain Zambon caught 4 nice Polaks of which 2 where released

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