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Tuesday, September 20, 2011

20/9/11 Update

Right Flies, bad reporting, or you could say bad communications.

now today’s facts. In the hired out boat department of  one Angler from Germany, caught 6 sea trout and finished his day off with a fine Salmon in the 12 lbs class all caught on the fly and staying with an Angler in a hired out boat caught 6 sea trout from juniors up to 2lbs, also in good form in the Sea trout fly department was Mr. Liddle, who caught 8 sea Trout ranging from Juniors Up to 2.5lbs fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and @    Just for the record you might want to read Sundays notes again.

Straight to the poaching department, I was reading on in the last couple of days a massive Salmon was caught on the Fly and released in in Copal and before they put my Noble Gentlemen back, he measured 43 inches and if this correct My Noble Salmon would be in the 34lbs class, now today’s facts my Noble game fish were in a lethargic  mood, or my Noble Anglers were fishing the wrong Flies or Lures.  

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