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Wednesday, March 12, 2014

12/3/14 Breaking News Vincent Appleby Fails in all departments, notes at the bottom

Vincent Appleby Fails miserably in his duties? You decide??

Hi Vincent,
I am finally taking time to contact you.
Appreciate reading your reports over the years.
Can I politely say that it is torture reading about "my noble salmon" and recently "manipulating"
My opinion is that people would really appreciate a concise account of salmon and sea trout angling, the weather accounts, and the sea fishing, but it is just frustrating to go through the report, I hardly know what happened during the week at the end, and I just gave up a few times.
You could really improve on people deciding to go down if it was readable, but it takes away from the credibility of the account.
Kind Regards,
Mike O'Donoghue.
Hi Mike, thanks for your honest opinion, and would you mind if I put your opinion on the Blog because it would make good reading?
Vincent Appleby
Mike, gave his answer
Hi Vincent,
Constructive criticism for your review.
Not into blogs. Concise reports it would increase your business significantly. Many people do not have the time to sift through to make a decision to come down.
Of course I accept some people would enjoy 17th century courtroom etiquette, but many others would find it more informative if water/air temperature wind direction, high tides, salmon/trout throwing in front, were reported. I just cannot see this style of report in Salmon & Trout.
However I cannot spend more time on it if you do not feel reviewing the style critically is worthwhile.

All quiet on the SW front in all departments, be it fishing or weather so we will head to the criticism department, so let battle commence? I will finish today’s fishing notes on a poetic note, and I quote.
O would some power the giftie gie us to see ourselves as others see us.
(O would some power the gift to give us to see ourselves as others see us.)
Robert Burns, Poem "To a Louse" - verse 8
As the grieving Roman Emperor Nero would say, pass me my weeping vase


  1. Manipulate away Vincent. Always room in my day for your blog. Correct me if I'm wrong but the reports which appear in Trout and Salmon (not Salmon and Trout.....bit of accuracy would be appreciated there Mike - might help with your credibility) are simply edited versions of your notes?
    A weather report after the event is of no use to anyone. If you know Currane, you know that it changes every 20 minutes and even when it's perfect, it's not (if you get my drift).
    If you want decent sea fishing reports, go to the IFI.
    And just as an aside, there is no 'polite' way of describing someone's efforts as 'torture'.
    I can follow events quite well.

  2. Half the reason i read your blog is if there are no salmon caught im sure to catch something amusing or witty.
    Eg the vegas circus ,the paparazzi , the Kerry cycle last year & of course the noble salmon..
    Keep up the good reporting !

  3. Sorry I should say Thanks for that Mike

  4. Hi VIncent,
    Your fishing reports are excellent , if theres a fish caught its posted along with weather forecast and rainfall keep up the good work,


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