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Wednesday, April 8, 2015


Mr. Andrew Brown
Mr. John Bojter
8/4/15 Lough Currane saw some great action. First in the striking zone was renowned Local Gillie Mr. Junior Scully, fishing with his Grandson Master Ryan Early, they caught a fine 12 lbs. Salmon on the troll, Junior was telling me that Ryan was telling his Granddad where to go and like all good Grandparents, junior did as he was told and the rest is history. There is a philosophy to this story, its never to Early to learn and remember this Ryan, Early to bed Early to rise makes a young fishermen healthy and Wise. Staying with the Salmon department, UK Angler Mr. John Bojter, fishing out of fishing with his Gillie MD, caught  a fine 9 lbs, Salmon on the Troll. Now to catch of the day and that goes to Mr. Andrew Brown, who caught a fine specimen Sea Trout of 8 lbs. on the fly, while fishing with his gillie Mr. Bob Priestley. Wind South with bright sunshine all day.         
Mr. Junior Scully and Master Ryan Early 

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