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Sunday, January 17, 2016


James Connelly
gone but not forgotten 
17 January 2016 Its great to be back on the No Spin No Fly’s just Facts Zone and the 2016 Rising of the Salmon and a Very Happy New Year to you all and tight lines, as Ireland celebrates the 1916 Easter Rising, we anglers hopefully will be celebrating 2016 rising of the Salmon, but sadly today was a wash out with rain all day, with a strong SE wind blowing and all Salmon stations were at a standstill. All I can say is James Connelly the Irish Rebel  wouldn’t have been amused with the Lough Currane performance, but at least he would have heard a few shots being fired at the odd woodcock and Snipe so on that note we head down stream to the World famous Butler Pool and at  and Local Gillie Mr. Michael O’Dwyer and his client, they did have one rod bender but alas they lost the Battle. That is all the action of the day as my Noble Anglers headed for the Lobster Bar for the traditional Bacon and cabbage and a good dinner was had by all.        

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