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Sunday, April 10, 2016


9 lbs. Wild Atlantic Salmon
caught by Liam Ellis  
Liam Ellis take center stage  with his fine 9 lbs, Salmon
10/4/16 I come to the conclusion that the majority of the modern day anglers are fine day fishermen and who could blame them today, with heavy rain all day and dam cold plus a strong wind coming from the East, so as you can imagine very few, if any boats ventured out so on that note we head back to the future, yesterday their was a fine 9 lbs salmon caught on the troll by local angler Mr. Liam Ellis of Waterville and I can tell you his vocal cords were in good form this morning and for good reason. Liam made it quiet clear that I was failing in my duties in the reporting department and he politely told me in the future check your email, all I can say is Guilty as charged. Staying back to the future, we head for the upper Lakes and Lough Derriana, yesterday there were a good few Brown Trout caught, the best of which was in the 4 lbs. Class.            


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