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Wednesday, April 13, 2016


Tham with his Hound and fine catch
10 1/2 lbs. Salmon.
Mr. Tom Murphy's
fine Sea Trout 
Mr. Mark Knowles
Caught in the last few days 
13/4/16 There was some fine action on the lake today, so straight to the action. In the C&R department, UK angler Mr. Mark Knowles while fly fishing had a good battle with an 8 lbs. Salmon which he won, then he sportingly let his Salmon live and hopefully fight for the spawning grounds of the Commeragh River this coming December. Now to the Sea Trout fly Department, Cork angler, Mr. Tom Murphy, was in good form again, while fishing an intermediate fly line, caught himself a fine Sea Trout in the 4 to 5 lbs. class. Now we head for the trolling department, Local angler Mr. Anulak Hitmiangsong of or as he is known in the Kingdom, Tham, caught a fine 10 ½ lbs. Salmon on the troll. Staying in the trolling department, Cork Angler, Mr. Barry Martin, while fishing with good friend Jerry O’Sullivan caught a fine 7 ½ lbs Salmon in Copal on the South side and Jerry was telling me that they lost a fine Salmon in the 10 lbs. class in the morning. Wind SE light to calm with the odd shower.                      
Mr. Mark Knowles  with his fine catch

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