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Sunday, May 28, 2017


28/5/17 All the Salmon headlines come from the North Shore and the Bungalow, Cork angler, Mr. Don Spicer, caught a lightening fresh 5 lbs. Grilse on the troll, while fishing with his gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of now we head for the Sea Trout department,  German fly angler, Mr. Markus Kruse, while fishing with Gillie, caught and released a fine 1.½ lbs. Sea Trout and considering there was hardly any wind he did well with his fly rod and what wind was there came from the West, light to calm and there was good cloud cover at times. Now for the rest of the angling news and quote of the day comes from the silent Gillie, did you know silence is golden and it certainly was where the other anglers were concerned and I wonder why, I will leave the rest to your imagination! Yesterdays weather 2.8mm of rainfall maximum air temperature 15.6c

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