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Saturday, May 6, 2017


C&R Sea Trout
Master Chef
6/5/17 Straight to the C&R department, local angler Mr. Liam Ellis of Waterville fishing with his good friend the Master Chef, caught a fine 56 cm / 4.lbs 7ozs Sea Trout on the fly and Liam’s quote of the day, yes the fly was beautifully and  correctly presented and as you would say Vincent, the truth of the pudding is in the eating of, the only thing was I released this fine Sea Trout, Master Chef or no Master Chef , as you can see the Chops in the frying pan. Now for Liam’s fly of the day it was the Reverend Mother, plus a wing and a prayer. Now Back to yesterdays notes and for good reason a very unhappy reader made it quite clear that yesterdays notes were rubbish, all I can say is you can’t pleases everybody. I have only one point of order if you are going to say the notes are rubbish, pleases give a reason why! Wind same as yesterday.

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