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Thursday, October 12, 2017


12/10/17 Well its that’s time of year again as the Curtin comes down on the 2017 Salmon and Sea Trout season and by all accounts my Noble anglers failed to register a strike on this last day and I can say without any fear of contradiction they failed miserably in their duties in all departments, so on that note, rock on 2018 Salmon and Sea Trout Season and keep the Waterville Fishery and Irish Flag flying high. I would also like to say a big thank you to all the team at the Inland fisheries Ireland and of for all their help this past season as they always do. On a personal note I would like to thank all the readers and anglers for sending photos and your own notes in. Last but not least a Big Thanks to Mr. Paul Burke, who writes for the Trout and Salmon magazine. I will finish by saying I look forward to reporting to you all in 2018 and may your lines be tight.   


  1. kudos and sincere thanks to you Vincent for your reporting and keeping us all connected to this wonderful fishery during the season. Looking forward to your reports in 2018! Meas mór!

  2. Thanks for all the information throughout the year. Hopefully the fishing improves next year. There are a lot of people who expressed concerns this year about the health of the fishery through their comments and hopefully they can work together to bring about improvement. It still important to report catches also as it gives a fair picture to us all. Keep up the good work.

  3. My dear Noble Vincent. Now that the season has closed, can you [with your wonderful diary] tell all the prospective 2018 anglers how many sea trout and salmon were caught and reported this year. How many hatchery fish were caught. Are you able to make a graph showing the catches over the last 5 years? All of us that avidly read T&S would like to know. As I have said many times here it is all about honesty. So anglers taking their hard earned fishing holidays can make their choice of where to go next year. I believe that the Waterville fishery has collapsed. Please tell me differently if you can. Or will this post be deleted as usual. The lobster bar, I would rather be catching wild fish. I would like you to at least reply to this. Thankyou.

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