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Sunday, October 8, 2017


Brod and Mary
60th Wedding Anniversary 
7/10/17 For starters sorry for the delay, but their was one great 60th wedding anniversary party in the Butler Arms Hotel this evening, for Mr. and Mrs. Brod O’Sullivan of Stella Maris Waterville and as we all know Brod is one great Gillie and I can tell you his good Wife Mary ran one Mighty Bed and Breakfast right up until the day they both retired and going by last Night I don’t know why they did because they were both in flying form in the speech department and they both danced the night away. I will finish this evenings Wedding Anniversary Party on a very special note and thats for the MC on the night, Brod’s Brother, Mr. Paddy O’Sullivan, who did a fantastic job as always, and not forgetting all their Family and friends who spoke and last but not least from all the anglers and the good people of Kerry congratulations on your 60th Wedding Anniversary Brod and Mary.
Now we go back a few hours fot today’s fishing action and Straigt to te C&R department, Mr. Andy Price, while fly-fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley had a cracker of a day with 6 Six Sea Trout of wich the biggest was 5 lbs. followed by 5 Brown Trout.                                                                 


  1. That's great to see trout being returned and left spawn

  2. Along with all the other issues that the Currane catchment & the future wellbeing of migratory fish face in general, it is my belief that the attitudes of anglers have also taken a turn for the worse over the last twenty years or more. The fish stocks are fewer but yet we still believe that they are an endless commodity. Nowadays I witness some appalling behaviour on the river & on the lake. Boats cutting straight across the line of another boat already on a drift, instead of showing some courtesy by going upwind & then crossing behind those fishing, others that wade into the river on a beat not fifty yards downstream of another already fishing & then commence casting & seeing nothing wrong with their actions, spinners flung a few yards from your feet by another fishing on the far bank, birds nests of discarded nylon, empty beer cans & rubbish, - all left behind on the riverbank & on the lake shore.... respect for anything, let alone the fish is clearly absent. Say what you will about the advantages of modern fishing ways & attitudes & technology, but the old fishing books & the ways of anglers then towards fishing & the respect shown could teach many of us a valuable lesson today. There will always be external factors that we as anglers will have little control over, but we appear to have lost our way somewhat & it is in these times that the fewer stocks of fish need our help & greater respect & protection more than ever. By showing that the welfare of the fish is our primary concern then we could achieve an awful lot in combating all of the other issues that exist also.


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