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Sunday, October 8, 2017


8/10/17 Lough Currane was on the calm side all day, so as you can imagine my Noble Anglers couldn’t manipulate their flies to a standard that would intice a wild Game Fish. Now we go to Mr. Ruary Rudd’s scientific Facts on Oxford fan Dan’s Sea Trout / Brown. These are the Facts, it is a Ferox Trout, age of  Brown Trout/ Ferox Trout 8 years old and started eating its own or if you like Canniable eater in the past 3 to 5 years ! Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 1.6 mm. Maximum air temperature 14.4c.               


  1. Thats some statement,i agree the trout was most likely a ferox, if so its a very rare trout for Currane & if im right the last won caught & killed was 2 seasons ago. What your more aless saying is, if its a ferox kill it, in the west & the midland lakes anglers fish for ferox trout and 99% of the time its C and R.

  2. Genetic analysis, not scale reading, is required to determine if this trout is genetically different to a brown/sea trout. There was no justification for killing that trout.

  3. More lunacy.
    Stop justifying the killing of this fish by telling us it was accidental and then telling us it was a good thing to kill it. There is another problem with the lake in the form of rudd which are alien and if there are ferox trout eating them, then that's great. Vincent, how do you manage to sound offended by this trout. It's not like someone from Waterville was found living above the lake and had started "eating his own". I presume you meant cannibal? this is nature and it's ok.
    The fish shouldn't have been killed and if it was an accident, it shouldn't have been posed for a stupid photograph. If there are fish with genetics that allows them live up to 8 years and more, we need every one of them. Please, please, please, show some level of intelligence on this blog.

  4. Intelligence from the owner of this blog is as rare as the sea trout in Currane


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