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Thursday, July 26, 2018


26/7/18 Well it did make some rain last night, not that one would know it, but thankfully the Wild Atlantic Game Fish does, so lets get to the action and its all from one boat, UK Angler Mr. Michael Fish, while fly Fishing with his gillie, caught three Grilse, weights as follows 4 ½ lbs. 5 ½ lbs. 6 ½ lbs. and a fine Sea Trout of 1 ½ lbs. We’re about to call it a day and decided to have a few more casts and as luck would have it, within a couple of casts Michael’s  fly rod was doubled into a fine 6 ½ lbs. Sea Trout and just for the record the 6 ½ lbs. Sea Trout was put back. Wind SW fresh, raining in the morning and cleared by early afternoon. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 20.6 c. Will put photos up as soon as I get them!                                                

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