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Thursday, May 23, 2019


Catch !
Released !
23/5/19 Currane Angler, Mr. Markus Kruse, of Germany takes all the Game Fishing C&R ST headlines, while fly fishing with his Gillie , caught a cracker of a 4 ½ lbs. Sea Trout and for all you doubting Thomas’s we have the first official C&R photos of the first Sea Trout to be released since the new by-law came into effect, so congratulations Markus and not forgetting your Gillie for making a bit of history for future Sea Trout Books on the Waterville Fishery!! Just for the record I’m talking of the first photos to be put up on the blog!!  Wind was light SE the veered S and veered again into the SW with misty rain at times. Yesterdays weather, maximum air temperature 15.5 c.

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