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Wednesday, May 8, 2019


Tom and the Judges C&R Salmon
Judge clicks as Tom releases
20 minutes of Battle
Peter celebrates !
8/5/19 There was some good fishing on the Waterville Fishery today so straight to the action on Lough Currane,  we will let Local Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of  tell his client’s story in his own words and I quote, retired Judge David Burton, from Yorkshire, arrived at lunchtime and had approx 25 casts thrown when he hooked his 7 lbs. Salmon and I think this may be the first C&R salmon this season? All I can say is without any fear of contradiction Judge David Burton is as good with the camera as he is with his fly rod!  Now from the Lough Currane Zone we head down Stream to the world Famous Butler Pool and at UK Angler Mr. Peter Wills was in cracking form and on that note we will let his good friend UK and Waterville Angler Mr. Ken Towner tell the facts of the day on the Pool and again I quote, Peter had one hell of a 20 minute Battle while playing his lightening fresh 10 lbs. Salmon on a Trout rod and I can tell you celebrations are in full swing in the Lobster Bar! Wind NE with good cloud cover with a trace of rain at times. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 3.3 mm. Maximum air temperature 13.6 c.   

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