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Sunday, July 18, 2021


The pictures tell today's facts.


18/7/21 The Currane Barbeque was again at full strength in opinion even though the temperature gage was indicating 4 degrees less than yesterday, but it still felt like 25c as you can see again by the photo. If there were any Currane barbeque anglers out there good luck to them. So, on that note we will head for the email department which I received, So it’s over to Currane Angler Mr. Richard Carrigan


 Hi Vincent,

Love your blog. It is best way to keep up to date with the goings on down there. Keep up the good work and congratulations to the other Vincent!

Now, I, like all the anglers support the conservation of our fish stocks and the people involved but must be done in a sensible way. This Brown Tag scheme is a farce. A raffle for a mere 39 tags in the middle of a pandemic with all its restrictions. And no concessions for the local ghillies, the backbone of the fishing in the area. How many meetings, I wonder, did it take IFI to come up with that idea? What criteria did they use to arrive at the magic number? No. of anglers – down (therefore no. of fish caught is down). No. of salmon coming up from the sea – unknown (fish counter broken for quite some time now). Were the local ghillies, the experts, consulted?  IFI should hang their heads in shame over this one which is not the first! Ref: Introduction a couple of years ago of C&R for Sea trout in the middle of the season when fishing licenses said otherwise. Maybe they will get it right someday!! Hope to visit next month.


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