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Sunday, September 5, 2021


                  Lough Currane and the Wild Atlantic Way today!

5/9/2021 Just a few boats out manipulating the Currane waters on a very overcast day with a SSE wind light, by all accounts their lines were slack?

Now we head for the Currane anglers’ point of view, UK Currane angler Barry has his say on the Waterville Fishery, so take it away Barry and I quote.


And yet another frantic day on the Mecca for Sea Trout in ROI. What was the excuse today, sun, wind, heat, cold, no cloud, too low cloud, low water, flood, too many boats, too few boats, netting by super trawlers, illegal netting at sea, or the 1000 other excuses we have heard over the 34 years of rapidly deteriorating fish stocks? Or could it just be the carbuncle of a fish farm place just up the coast in a beautiful little bay. We were informed that there was indeed no scientific evidence of the detrimental effect on wild fish stocks. Well 30 years later we can see the full evidence on a daily catch report from someone who, along with a few others, actually still care. A single boat out on the most prodigious Sea Trout venue in the whole of the Country. Shameful and despicable, and an environmental disaster. Have a nice day.    

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