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Monday, September 6, 2021



6/9/2021 Mini heat wave hits Currane anglers this day with blazing sunshine from midmorning, followed by a light SSE wind and variable and all communications were all silent, mind you there could be some breaking news with the evening shift so watch this space. On that note we head for the Currane anglers’ point of view, UK Currane angler Bill has his say on the Waterville Fishery, so take it away Bill and I quote.

The latest issue of Trout & Salmon reports that the fish farm in Loch Ewe was closed last November & surprise, surprise, healthy trout are returning to Loch Maree. The detrimental impact of aquaculture became evident in 1989. Yet, the Irish government permitted fish farming in the vicinity of Waterville and Ireland’s best and most famous seatrout fishery.  This was not in 1989, but in recent years (after 3 decades of accumulated evidence).  What did they think would happen?  A decision that was (almost) unbelievable in its stupidity and irresponsible to an extent that is frankly criminal. This gentlemen of the angling fraternity (and everyone else who is concerned about the environment) is what we are dealing with. One doesn’t need a degree in marine science to know what’s wrong with Lough Currane. The answer is so obvious that any child of average intelligence could spot the problem and have anticipated these events.

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