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Tuesday, June 14, 2011

13/6/11 Updated read all

sorry for the delay on today’s facts, reason being I went to see my Father in Cork Hospital this evening. Now for today’s facts, there were Sea Trout caught both on the fly and the troll, in the fly department, Mr. Robert Morton of Scotland caught a fine Sea Trout of just over 2lbs caught on the drift, and his good friend Mr. David Christie of the UK caught 2 Juniors, fishing with their Gillie Mr. Vincent Appleby and of also in good form was Mr. Jim Sayers and his good friends, caught 3 Sea trout in the 1.5lbs class, and in the C&R fly department Mr. Ken Furey caught a fine 2.5lbs Sea trout, staying the C&R department, Mr. Patsy Quilligan, caught a specimen Sea Trout in the 6lbs class, and his action didn’t stop there, because he followed that up with a 2.5lbs Sea Trout and one of 2lbs and finished his day off with a fine 1 ¾ lbs Brown Trout, now to the hired out boat department of Mr. Nick Crispin caught a fine 4.5lbs Sea Trout on the drift, and Ernie from Luxemburg caught 3.5lbs Sea Trout on the drift, now to the trolling department Mr. Michael Schultz  of Germany, caught 3 Sea trout all in the junior class, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea and of  Wind NNW then veered NW light to fresh and calm this evening.  

Mr. Robert Morton

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