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Thursday, June 9, 2011


Straight to the Salmon department and fish of the day goes to Local Gille Mr. Bob Priestley, with a cracker of a fish of 8lbs caught on a Red Ass Green Peter, on the drift in Edry Bay, Now to the Sea Trout department Mr. John Curnow and his Father caught 2 Sea Trout in the 2lbs Class on the drift. also in good form in the fly department, were two Guests with 2 Sea Trout ranging from Junior class up to 2.5lbs fishing with their Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea and @ in the hired out boat department of Mr. John Ryan, caught a fine Sea trout in the 1.5lbs class and added 3 Brown Trout to his fine catch, now to the catch and release of the day goes to Mr. David Christie of the UK who put a fine Sea Trout of just under the 2lbs class to fight another day. As you can see by the Camera work, their Gillie was my good self plus David rose a fine Salmon on the drift. And finished his day off with a Junior which also put back. Wind N then veered NW light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover.            

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