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Sunday, June 19, 2011

19/6/11 Updated

Mr. Barry O’Flynn fishing out of caught 7 Sea Trout on the fly, ranging from 2lbs down to the Junior class.

straight to the Salmon Department Mr. Martin Coveney caught a fine Grilse on the troll with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of now we cut across the Lake to Coffee’s Bay and Salmon of the day, and that goes to Dr. Tom O’ Callaghan, who caught a fine 9.5lbs Salmon on the troll and finished the day off with a Sea Trout in the Junior class, staying on the South Side we will go the hired out boat department of Young Master Tadhg Collins was in good form in the fly department with a fine Sea Trout of 3lbs and finished his day off with a Junior which were all sportingly put back to fight another day, also in good form fishing out of Mr. Rory  Piggitt with 2 Juniors on the drift and last but not least, the Rev. Father Andrews, fishing out of  caught a 1 Sea Trout with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of Mr. Mark Doorman fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestly, was in good form again with 4 Sea Trout with 3 Juniors and finished his day off with a fine 2.5lbs Sea Trout, Mr. Mike Sheehy caught 1 Sea trout on the drift, with his Gillie Mr. Junior Scully. Wind WSW light with bright sunshine all day.                
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