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Tuesday, May 26, 2015


26/5/15 I start today’s notes in the apology department again, its getting a bad habit. On Saturday 23rd Mr. Sean Brick of Tralee caught a 3 ½ lbs. Sea Trout on the drift, sorry for that Sean you can say I failed miserably in my duties. Staying in the update department on Sunday, UK Angler Mr. Pete Maxi, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Sylvester Donnelly, caught 2 fine Sea Trout on the drift, ranging from 2 lbs. up to 3 lbs. and yesterday, UK Angler, Mr. Arthur white, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Bob Priestley, caught a fine Sea Trout of 1 lbs. 12 oz. Now back to the present, the majority failed miserably in their duties in all departments, but I will let Mr. Terence Wharton Jnr, have the last say on today’s action. I text Terence any good ? He replied, yep, caught  1 Sea Trout of  3 lbs. On the fly, wind North, no good for man nor beast, he replied.

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