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Monday, May 25, 2015


Julie with her Catch of the Day
a fine specimen Sea Trout 
25/5/15 Straight to catch of the day and that goes to Mrs. Julie Sanderson and her Husband Neil tells the story. Really like the website: it whetted our appetite in the lead up to our fishing holiday. We had a great morning on Currane today. My wife caught a 6.75lb sea trout on the fly - certainly the best fish I've ever seen. Find attached a photo for your website if you would like it. Her name is Julie Sanderson, thanks. I certainly do like the photo and please repeat as soon possible. I would like to finish their days fishing on this note, congratulations Julie on a great fish and may it be the first of many. Staying in the Sea Trout department, UK angler Mr. Michael Smith, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of caught and released a fine Sea Trout in the 3 lbs. class. renowned Artist Vincent Donnelly of  and this is his story of the one that got away, Its all yours Vincent. I hooked a rock, then it slowly started moving off not skipping across the surface but down deep. I played the rock for over an hour and then my top dropper came slowly to the surface next to the boat, where a salmon came out of no where and grabbed the top dropper and tore off. I was disgusted. I finally landed the salmon hoping and praying the line behind the salmon would still be tight but  it was slack the Big rock was gone and I will keep that memory until I die. I came close to shedding a tear. Wind was all over the place with reasonable cloud cover.    

An Artist pondering his next move will it be the carbon fiber rod
or the Brush?

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