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Wednesday, July 22, 2015


Mr. PJ Lynham and party
on the Butler Pool 
22/7/15 Straight to the Cock-up  Department, yesterday I reported that Mr. Rod Roberson caught a cracker of a Sea Trout of 8 lbs. and I was politely told by a disgusted Angler, that Rod, must have the record for long-distance casting because yesterday Rod was in the UK, all I can say is some cast some Sea Trout and considering he caught this fine fish on the 22/5/15 and the same goes for Bob Priestley’s Catch, How did I make this Cock-up, simple, trying to poach some facts then not checking my own records so my sincere apologies for this clerical error.  Now today’s facts. We start on the famous Butler Pool and   PJ Lynham - Fly fishing on the Butlers Pool, this morning, caught a fine 6 1/2 lbs. Salmon. Just for the record the Butler Pool facts were sent to me my Thanks for that and your great support. Now we head upstream the Lough Currane and we head down the North Shore to the hired out boat department of  Waterville Boats and at Mr. John Flannigan from Lough Rae Co Galway, caught a fine 3 ¾ lbs. Trout and his good friend Mr. Michael Sweeney also from Co Galway, caught a 2 ½ lbs. Sea Trout on the drift and just for the record this catch was in the last few days and today Mr. Michael Bonner of Donegal and also fishing out of Waterville Boats and at caught a fine 3 ½ lbs Sea Trout on the drift. Now to catch of the day on Lough Currane and that goes to Mr. Andrew Wishart of Northern Ireland, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Dominic McGillicuddy of caught a fine 6 lbs. Grilse on the troll and they finished their day off  with 2 Sea Trout 1 lbs. and 2 ½ lbs both caught on the fly and both were returned to fight another day. Wind NW light with reasonable cloud cover.          

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