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Thursday, March 16, 2017

16/3/17 click Atlantic Salmon I'm sure you will be interested

16/3/17  My Noble anglers are more interested in the Cheltenham races than the catching of a Wild Atlantic Salmon and why do I come to this conclusion because this evening after sending out text’s to all the Gillie’s, I got one reply and I quote, Back Ruby Walsh and No Salmon, well you can say without any fear of contradiction that text sums up today’s action in a nutcase and with five Boats out they ought to be ashamed of themselves. Wind N light to fresh with reasonable cloud cover, with the odd shower. Amount of rainfall yesterday 3.9 mm. maximum air temperature 13c. Minimum 8.3c.


  1. Where's all the fish gone Vincent 1 salmon caught since opening season what's gone wrong. What happened to this renowned salmon and sea trout fishery

  2. what's gone wrong, the answer is simple,Wild Salmon are almost Extinct,it could not sustain all the going's on,you had Draftnet's Seals,Poacher's,Otter's, Mink and of cource the Commorant who was gobbling up the Salmon Smolt, they all were all taking from the one pot, Could'nt last


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