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Tuesday, June 27, 2017


27/6/17 They say you can’t knock down a pro angler and today was a perfect example of that and yes you have it, the one and only Mr. Colin Lynam of Dublin takes the Crown King of the Salmon be it fly or troll because he was in control in all departments and for good reason on his last day of his Trip to the Waterville Fishery, he was in brilliant form again on Lough Currane and on Copal. We start on Lough Currane First thing this morning Colin, caught a fine 5 lbs. Grilse on the fly and topped that with a fine C&R 7 lbs. Salmon also caught on the fly and finished his Lough Currane fly trip with a C&R 5 ½ lbs, Sea Trout and as always he finished his day off on Copal and sealed his 1 hour trip With 2 4lbs. Grilse and on his last cast of the day caught a fine 2lbs. Sea trout and just for the record all the Copal fly fish were returned. You can say without any fear of contradiction Colin had an amazing fishing trip to Waterville and with 21 years experience, fishing this great Fishery that doesn’t surprise me. Wind NW light to fresh with good cloud cover with the odd light shower. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 11.6 mm. Maximum air temperature 15.6.                            


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  2. 7 Fish for 1 "angler". Why promote this constant fish killing? Obviously ran out of tags or more fish would be gone.

  3. I have three tags left. I have released 12 salmon and 5 sea-trout so far this year and will happily "angle" on a C+R basis for the rest of the year.


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