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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

26/7/17 Update

Sorry for the delay and I forgot to cut across the Lake to the North Shore and the Bungalow and the Sea Trout fly department. German caught two fine Sea trout both in the 2 ½ lbs. class, while fishing with his gillie Mr. Neil O’Shea of              

26/7/17 All the Game fishing headlines come from the South side, so straight to the Salmon and Sea Trout fly department, Mr. Mark Whelan, while fly fishing with his Gillie Mr. Frank Donnelly of caught a fine 6 lbs. Salmon and finished his day off with three nice Sea Trout all in the 1 lbs. class. And for the rest of my Noble Anglers there was no comment on this fine catch, all I can say jealousy will get you nowhere and my advice is, get a few rod benders and your problem will be solved. Wind NW fresh to strong with good cloud cover with the odd shower. Yesterdays weather, amount of rainfall 11.2mm. Maximum air temperature 18.2c.


  1. Vincent, Are you ever going to raise the issue of the total collapse of the seatrout? Pretending it's all OK with the lake is a very short term approach. Every visitor that comes down and fails to rise a single trout for 3 or 4 days hard fishing leaves, vowing never to return. The ridiculous statement that "They failed miserably in their duties" is no longer funny. THERE ARE NO SEATROUT DUE TO THE SALMON FARMS. Selling out the lake to preserve a couple of jobs on the fish farm is a huge betrayal of one of the last great places to fish in Ireland or even Europe. This blog is fast becoming part of the scam to entice visitors to catch fish that no longer exist.

    1. Agreed, I've spent three weekends on Currrane this year for one sea trout. When I used to fish the lake more regularly 20 years ago I couldn't wait to go back everytime. Now I just think its a waste of time and money. I decided to fish Derianna back in June and had filled out the permit form then was told it cost 100 euro for the boat for the day. I didn't off! Get real people of Waterville, you are losing anglers and money

  2. Sadly, I must fully agree with the above sentiments. I have fished the beautiful Waterville System annually for 35 years and 2016 was the first year I gave it a miss and it is unlikely I will fish it in 2017. I live near Cork and am now concentrating my sea trout fishing in Connemara, where, with all their set-backs there is an honesty on the state of affairs there and great work is being done at local level.
    I’ve had some very good days there in recent years and am delighted to report that some of the systems there are making positive progress.
    I think it is time to be honest and tell it as it is on the Waterville system. Too many bad days in recent years has saddened me greatly, but I do think Currane could be salvaged even at this late stage if serious measures are taken immediately. The immediate introduction of C&R for salmon and sea trout is a must, the aggressive tackling of poaching together with pressurizing the salmon farms should arrest the decline. I do believe that the impending collapse of Currane is the single greatest environmental challenge the region is facing and should be actioned at the highest level of Government. I like many hard core sea trout anglers would lend my support, but the lead must be local, focused and uncompromising. I write not to point the finger, but to rally to seize the opportunity to save Currane and return it to its former glory, thereby creating a win win for everybody in south Kerry and beyond.

  3. Karl, I agree with everything you said but one part stands out: the HONESTY required to first acknowledge the problem and then begin to address it. Watervile is in denial. Until the locals start to make it an issue with their very influential TD, and further afield, the decline will go beyond the point of no return. The people who have given up wasting their precious vacation time would support any action and might return to acknowledge that, at least, someone is trying to save the seatrout.


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