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Wednesday, March 31, 2021


                              Today on Lough Currane 

31/3/21 Just two Brown hand me down tag boats out on this calm and foggy day. Wind was light to calm and variable. Now to all you pessimistic anglers who were complaining that in the 2020 Season there were no Salmon in the Lake? We will put the record straight, to the best of my knowledge there were 160 Salmon caught and a good few more not reported.  Now let us head for the 2020 Hatchery Brood, just for the record the Salmon Brood was got with one swipe and I can tell you when the Currane system was fishing a lot better there was many occasions it was a dam site more difficult and took a lot more than one swipe. Now we head down stream into Lough Currane for 2021 Kelt Season just for the record there were 260 Kelts caught up to 22nd of March and counting and on average four boats fishing.   

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