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Sunday, March 7, 2021


 7/3/21 We Start with the 2nd Brown Tag Draw which was held at 3pm today, the lucky and unlucky Currane Anglers should know their fate by Lunch time tomorrow. Now for today’s Action on Lough Currane, there were a total of 8 boats manipulating, their order of merit was as follows, Two Brown tag direct winners and Four hand me down brown Tag boats and one Barbless boat and an 8th Brown tag boat won his March Brown tag in January. Just for the record the Wild Atlantic Salmon were all quiet but there were a few Kelts caught. Now to you fly Currane Anglers the first hatch of Duck fly’s hatched today and the brown trout were rising for them. Now we head for the No Spin No Fly’s Opinion Zone comes from Eric.

 I think it is nonsense giving tags to fishermen’s living outside Waterville area at present with the restrictions in place due to covid.

They should give the local fishermen the tags regarding if they had one or already catch a fish. At the end of the day, they bought their licence and are more likely to use it. Eric  

Wind SSW light to calm and overcast.   

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