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Tuesday, March 22, 2022


  22/3/2022 Just two boats out this day and just a few kelts caught for their efforts. Wind SE light to fresh in the morning and fresh to strong in the afternoon. On that note we head for the Currane Anglers view so take it away Michael


Hi Vincent just a quick message very sad to hear only two visiting anglers came to Waterville over the St. Patrick’s holiday , and both were barbless anglers I think this is disgraceful 44 tags given out and these anglers didn’t have a tag where are the brown tags gone or who got them what is the point of giving brown tags to anglers who aren’t making an effort to use them, I think IfI now see what a cock up they have made of the tagging system, surely more thought should be put into distributing these tags the lottery system is a complete farce, have a system in place so an angler can come go out fishing with a brown tag and if he doesn’t use it hand it back and let the next angler try his luck, there’s no respect for local businesses here some guy inside in an office doing his sums bringing in the regulations a minister sings it into law but no one thinks of the loss of income to the small village of Waterville , come on minister come on IfI show some bit of common sense. Friend of Waterville Michael.

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