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Friday, March 4, 2022



Waterville In solidarity with Ukraine 

4/2/2022 Just one Brown tag Angler manipulating the waters of Lough Currane on this calm and bright sunny day and sadly My Noble Gentlemen the Salmon ignored the lonesome Brown tag angler. Wind light and variable from the NE to the SW in the early afternoon and veered again into the NW early this evening. Now to the Currane anglers view and there are 3 points of view so take it away Ladies and Gentlemen.

 Hi Vincent It’s me Robert back to you again, I see this brown tag fiasco rolls on and a lot of locals still left without brown tags it’s disgusting ,all I can see is many of the tags being sent back to IfI like last year some not even used  and some not even making the effort to go out on Waterville lake to try and catch that elusive spring salmon, it’s like there playing a little game keep the locals off, catches will stay low so they have the excuse then to bring in catch and release like they have done to a lot of fisheries all over the country, also they have done this already to the inny river in Waterville,  stopping local anglers from taking a fish and the night fishermen cleaning the river the same thing will happen on the lake no anglers the night fishermen will slaughter everything . That’s the future I see lies ahead for Waterville and feel free anyone out there and contradict me. your friend Robert.


Hi Vincent I’m sitting in my house what a beautiful spring day we have here in Waterville, but the one thing that is bothering me is I only see one boat out on the lake, every year we have seen many boats out especially on beautiful days like this, is this because you need one of these special tags to be able to fish that the lake is so quiet . We miss seeing the fishermen the place reminds me of a desert no one in sight for miles, very sad. from Heidi


Hello Vincent, I just can’t believe what I was reading a few days ago 44 brown tags given out and only 6 of those tags holders have wet a line so far on Currane this year. I must say I have never seen such a farcical set up in my life, I bet it’s leaving a sour taste in a lot of tag less anglers, I feel this brown tag system will finish the spring fishermen coming to Waterville. Mark





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