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Sunday, June 2, 2024



2/6/2024. Another bright and sunny day on this Bank Holiday, you can say that it was a perfect day for a Fogarty’s 99 as it is every day, as the Currane anglers have melt down while fishing in all departments. Now we head for the Currane anglers view, the stage is yours Currane Anglers Bill and Phil.

OK it’s a sunny day. But 1st June and not a seatrout in sight.  This breaks my heart, Vincent. Goodness knows what it’s doing to you and all the (I guess) now redundant Waterville ghillies.

you’re absolutely right Bill, it’s all about greed & money with total disregard to the environmental and wild life. Not to mention the animal cruelty in the frequently over crowed fish cages resulting in disease ridden fish & marine pollution. There is no reason why such operations couldn’t be located in less sensitive locations well away from well know wild migratory fish routes & fisheries. Truth is money talks and governments are as corrupt as they’ve ever been.

Wind NNE light, followed by reasonable clear skies, yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 0.0mm, amount of sunshine 15.0, maximum air temperature 17.3c.  



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