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Monday, June 17, 2024



17/6/2024. The Currane anglers frustration is understandable, four boats headed out on to a low lake and by the end of their day, it was the same old story, nothing to report. They say their frustrated, they should be in my shoes but thankfully I’m full of it, so carry on fishing and I’ll carry on reporting. Wind NNE light to fresh and sunny throughout the day. Yesterday’s weather, amount of rainfall 0.0mm, amount of sunshine 13hrs.5mins., maximum air temperature 15.8c. 

16/6/2024. The Currane anglers certainly had their suntan lotion on this day, as the sun blazed down on the Currane waters, even though there was a nice light to fresh wind from the WNW and variable, their reels and lines stayed silent and slack, going by my WhatsApple. Now we head for poetic Currane anglers view on drink while fishing, the stage is yours. Beer is the secret to catching fish. In order to think like a fish, you have to drink like a fish, Cheers.       

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