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Tuesday, May 13, 2014


Vince and Dave
13/5/14 My words of wisdom yesterday beard fruit, so lets get down to the action. First in the striking zone was Mr. Dave Eccelstone of the UK and Waterville, who caught a fine 9 lbs Salmon on the fly, while fishing with his Gillie Mr. Vincent O’Sullivan of now we cut across to the North shore and the trolling department, Mr. Brod Sullivan and his good friend caught a fine 8 lbs on the troll, sorry have no photo which is a pity, there was also a fresh 5 lbs Salmon caught on the troll by Mr. Michael Shultz of Berlin Germany, fishing with his Gillie Mr. Tom O’Shea of and the action didn’t stop there, On the Commeragh River Mr. Mike Teahan the Matador of Waterville caught a fine 9 lbs Salmon on the Black Birds Fancy. Wind NNW light with good cloud cover.

Mike the Matador 

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